The Unconventional Care Package

The Unconventional Care Package

Dear Mom,*

Thanks so much for the offer to send a care package! How did you know I was missing home and could do with a bit of sweet American goodness in the mail? Now, you asked if there was anything I needed, so here are a few hints. Don’t get me wrong, I love the candy and cookies and cute things you usually send, but lately, we’re lacking a few true essentials. After all, the heart wants what it wants (I think that originally applied to material goods, right Emily Dickinson? No? Selena Gomez, your thoughts?). Hmmpf. Anyway.

  • Vanilla extract. The good stuff – none of that artificial junk. We need to continue spreading the gospel of chocolate chip cookies and it’s nearly impossible without good vanilla extract. While you’re at it, some Ghirardelli chocolate chips wouldn’t go amiss.

    We're doing God's work as cookie evangelists
    We’re doing God’s work as cookie evangelists.
  • Macaroni and cheese. Yes, the boxed kind. Preferably in shapes. Star Wars ones would be ace, but Spongebob is an acceptable alternative. Don’t judge! (Okay, go ahead and judge, but it’s comfort food and the shapes hold the fake cheese substance so well!)
  • Sponges. You know, the ones with the scrubby green side? Berlin sponges do not have enough scrubbiness and we’re down to the last two of the 12 pack we brought back last time. For the sake of our non-stick pots, please help us out.

    Oh sponges, how we treasure you.
    Oh sponges, how we treasure you.
  • Men’s deodorant. It’s summer in Berlin and Colin is starting to smell like a typical Berliner. Please, for the sake of our marriage and the personal comfort of everyone else on the U-Bahn.
  • Press ‘n Seal. We’re in withdrawal and it’s not good for us. Why do they even sell normal plastic wrap any more?
  • Junior Mints. I know, I said no candy was necessary, but Colin really likes them and I like to see him happy.

If you also want to send along a handwritten note or something sweet like that, that’d be cool. Surprisingly, we don’t just see you as a vehicle for American goods, we actually like to hear from you too! I mean, if you don’t have time, go ahead and prioritize the other stuff. I don’t mind. Love you, thanks for thinking of us again. We promise to send back chocolate and bring home some glühwein at Christmas.

Who knows, you might even get a cat in your package next to the Ritter Sport!
Who knows, you might even get a cat in your package next to the Ritter Sport!

Thanks again.

Love, Katarina

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*Dear real life moms, this post was not a hint, we don’t need a care package now, thanks. Love you.

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