The Next Adventure

The Next Adventure

One thing we’ve come to realize as we travel is that every city has a distinct personality. Usually, we can tell within a few hours if the city we’re in is somewhere we would want to spend more time (though, let’s be honest, it’s Europe, I always want to spend more time). There are the places I’d love to visit again, or the places I feel that we only just discovered. And then there are the cities you enter where there is just a feeling of home.

For us, Berlin is not that place.

For the past almost two(!) years, though, we have made it our home. We’ve settled into jobs. Found favorite running routes. Made wonderful friends. Figured out our go-to sushi order for the nights before we travel. I believe, that, given enough time and space, you can make any place feel like a home.

But it still doesn’t mean it’s where you belong. And while we’ve made the most of our lives here for the past two years, we came into this year taking a hard look at what we wanted to do and where we wanted to do it.

And so, without further ado – we’re moving!

We are very excited to announce (finally) that we are packing our bags (and cats) and heading across the English channel to settle down in London!

Typical reaction to the news. Merlin is concerned. Kaylee is thinking about a new place to conquer.

Starting this August, we’ll be reporting from our new digs somewhere in London. Well, hopefully. We’re off to apartment hunt this weekend. And, of course, if you read this blog, you’re coming with us!

Why London?

Well, it’s only been half a page since we told you our city/personality philosophy, so hopefully you remember that. Simply put, London feels like a place that can be home. Katarina studied abroad there in 2010, and she fell in love with all of it. The museums, the plays, and just the character of London. Yes, we know there will be parts we don’t like, but we’re prepared to take the good with the bad when we’re this excited.

Way back in 2010

It also doesn’t hurt that London has a lot to offer:

  • English speakers (Katarina has been trying but her German is still abysmal)
  • English book shops (necessary)
  • Lots of new and experimental theater
  • Awesome museums
  • A new exciting job for Colin (K is still job hunting)
  • The cutest baby cousin we could possibly want to spoil
  • Cupcakes

    Seeing the Harry Potter play in December. Way better than reading it, we swear!

No, it isn’t where we want to be in the long run. When it comes to the house, dog, and kids thing, we can only picture that happening in the states. But since we’re not ready for that particular chapter yet, why not settle somewhere we’ve always wanted to live and continue to explore Europe?

What About the Blog?

Simply put, it’s still happening, even if it’s just for our moms to catch up.

In the two months before we leave, we’ll be giving all sorts of Berlin-based advice, so if you have any questions, throw them at us now and we’ll do our best to answer!

Did we mention the museums? We’ll talk about our favorite Berlin ones soon!

That’s it for now! We have some apartments to look at and some cats to teach to meow with British accents.

~Katarina and Colin

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