Settling In

Settling In

Hello hello!

Welcome back to our blog! We know it’s been a while, but we are back and ready to rock!

The most important update, of course, is that we are safely in London (and as of yesterday, we have internet)! After a whirlwind in the beginning of July, in which Katarina flew to London briefly to interview for (and got!) a job while Colin finished up work, we both went to California to relax with family. We took a little trip up the coast to Santa Cruz to visit church camp, and then we spent a few more days in the sun relaxing for the big move.

Sometimes, a walk in the redwoods is all you need. Santa Cruz is perfect for that.

Then, it was back to Berlin for a truly frantic two days where we packed the rest of our items, sold whatever we didn’t need, enjoyed one last dinner with friends, and prepared the cats for the big move. It was surreal sitting in our empty apartment on the last night, reflecting on all of the challenges and joys that two years in Berlin brought us. It was a very difficult time for us in a lot of ways, but it also made for a very solid foundation to start a marriage on, and we learned a lot about ourselves in the process. It turns out, we’re pretty resilient and we make an excellent team.

Finally, moving time. I’d been dreading this process. Due to our furry little cats, we couldn’t take a plane over to London, so instead of a two hour trip, it was 28 hours, including five trains, an overnight ferry, and a taxi. I’m pleased to say that it went as well as we could hope. Maybe we scarred them on the first trip over, but the cats were actually very calm. They even seemed to enjoy their private little cubby on the ferry, and we enjoyed sipping wine in our cabin and watching them on the TV. I’m sure we’ll write up a post about it later with tips and hints.

Look at this little face on the train!

When we finally, finally arrived, it was a flurry of settling in. We took care of all the necessities, unpacked, got our bank accounts (which was not easy at all), and ordered internet. We also started our jobs! Thankfully, our jobs so far have been awesome. We both enjoy the companies we are working for, and feel much more at home with our industries than we ever did with big data or fashion (Katarina’s now in educational tech, Colin is working at a mobile gaming company). We also love exploring our neighborhood in Maida Vale, which is quiet and beautiful, right next to the canals of Little Venice.

Our neighborhood is adorable, including cute houses like this one near us.

In between all of the excitement, we’ve started exploring our new home. We’re really loving London so far. We saw some excellent theatre (see how British we are?), played tourist at Hampton Court Palace, and have walked a lot of our favorite sites in London, all while trying out plenty of local pubs. We even had a visitor, and will have some more in the coming weeks!

We visited Hampton Court and no one was beheaded! Pretty good, right?

That’s all for now, but it will probably be a while before we post again – we are headed to Northern Scotland for a wedding this weekend, then we have a house guest, then we’re off to run our half marathon (eep!) at Disney Paris, then finally off to Ireland. Between all that, blog posting isn’t a top priority. But if you’re interested in following along, check out @adventuringpandas on Instagram, where we’ll be posting plenty of pictures.


Overall, we’re just really happy here. It’s the right place at the right time in our lives, and after just a month, it already feels like home.



Katarina and Colin

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