Quick Moving Update

Quick Moving Update

Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life has been more chaotic that we initially thought it would be. We’ve been busy buying boxes, selling furniture, and trying to cram in last minute visits to some of our favorite places. I (Katarina) finished up work on June 23, and I’ve since been packing up a storm and watching This Is Us and crying. Oh, and applying for jobs.

In fact, I’m headed out at 4 in the morning for a whirlwind trip to London for a final interview. I’ll be there for about 8 hours, then back to Berlin in time to leave for California on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

I’m very much looking forward to a bit of a break hanging out with my family, and after a week, Colin will be joining us so we can all head up to Nor Cal for my church’s family camp. It’s going to be totally relaxing and a lot of time with old friends, family, and some puzzles.

Me with some friends at Family Camp circa.. 2005? 2006?

Since we both really need a break, don’t expect any blog posts for a bit. We have this idea to do a photo essay of our favorite places in our neighborhood (Prenzlauer Berg), but we’ll see if we can fit it in when we get back. We’re going to have two days to finish fixing up and cleaning the apartment and selling our stuff before we take trains and a ferry to London at the end of July! Yup, we’re eschewing the really simple 2 hour flight for 24 hours on four trains and a ferry so we can take our cats with us. Oh, the things we do for them.

Yes, we will in fact do a lot for them, including giving them their own boxes to sit in while we pack.

Anyway, sorry for the pause in content. We’ll be back in August with updates and some overdue posts!

Wish us luck!

~Katarina and Colin

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