Prague, in Photos

Prague, in Photos

We know we’ve been really text heavy recently. Lots of adulting and advice and budgeting and numbers. It’s been a pretty rough few weeks, and we’re both feeling a little worn out. So what do we do when we’re tired? Look at old photos, of course!

This week, we’re taking it back to last Easter, when we traveled to Prague for four days. It is truly a magical city. Enjoy! (Want to see more photos? Check out and follow our Instagram!)

The Prague Easter market is full of colors, food, and hand painted Easter eggs.
Join the crowds watching the coolest clock ever move.
Climb the Astronomical Tower for fabulous views of the castle (and an AMAZING library we couldn’t take pictures of).
St. Vitus Cathedral is glorious on a sunny day
Sunrise on Charles Bridge is an absolute must.
The rosy pink of dawn.
A pretty great way to start Easter – sunrise on the Charles Bridge
See the stunning Spanish Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter
Hit up the market square at night for a quiet experience and the sweet end to a fantastic trip.


That’s all for this week! Catch back up with us next week for some tips for visiting Berlin!

-Katarina and Colin

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