Our Summer Berlin Bucket List

Our Summer Berlin Bucket List

It might be May, but summer is here in Berlin! When we’re not enjoying our grill or going for runs in the nearby parks, Colin and I are discussing all the things we want to do and see this summer. So, why not put together a bucket list? Here are a few things we’re going to make sure to do, and a few that you should indulge in if you’re around Berlin this summer.

Berlin Summer Must-Dos

  • Wander through the Grunewald. Actually, we already did this one, but this beautiful area in Berlin is worth a few more sunny afternoons. We’ve picked a different path every time and always discovered something new. Including naked Berliners. FKK is quite popular here.

    Just one of many routes around the Grunewald. This trail leads you up to a semi-abandoned, pretty creepy cold war sight.
  • Sample new foods at Bite Club. The food truck craze is a quite a bit late here, but it does exist in Berlin! This event is only once a month in the summer, but it’s very popular and we can’t wait to go. We intend to spend a Friday night sampling our way through some delicious bites and hanging out with friends.
  • Hit up a biergarten. Biergartens are where it is at in the summer. Lots of chatting and long hours in the sun, enjoying beer and good company. We like the ambiance and snacks at Prater, but we also want to check out BRLO. We were there once in the winter, but a biergarten sounds way more appealing than drinking inside. Also, the food was delicious.
  • Relax lake side with a Club Mate or two. We did this last year – we just hopped on the S-bahn on a broiling hot summer’s day and ended up at a small lake outside of Berlin. We spent the day, swimming, reading, and relaxing in the shade. It was a great way to get out of the crush of Berlin and reconnect with nature, and we don’t want to miss on any opportunities this year.

    Another place to see FKKers, but who cares when the water is so cold and refreshing?
  • Visit a new museum. For us, this means going to see the Deutsches Historisches Museum. We’re saving this one for a rainy day (plenty of those around here). We’ve managed to hit up all the museums on Museum Isle, but this one deserves a full day’s outing.
  • Stroll by the Spree with a beer in hand. Always a good call, though I might go with a cider. Nope, almost two years in Germany and I still don’t like beer.
  • Grill in a park. Mauer Park is notorious for being a hipster’s paradise. We happen to live right across the street, and while we are far from hipsters, we do enjoy grilling outside, especially when pineapple or brats are involved. Thankfully, if we aren’t feeling up to the crowds, we can always retreat to our balcony for some grilling and board games. It isn’t summer without the BBQ going, and the people watching from Berlin’s parks is always entertaining.
  • Eat ice cream. Berliners come alive in the summer, and ice cream shops that were dormant for months throw open their sugary, amazing doors. For us, this means Hokey Pokey. This incredible ice cream shop is just 15 minutes away and we’ve already been a few times. We will definitely go more frequently. The signature hokey pokey flavor is out of this world.
  • Party all night in Berghain? Berlin’s most (in)famous club is notoriously hard to get into. And so far, I have been to zero clubs here. Also I own no black clothing. I am told this is a prerequisite. So maybe not.

Those are just a few of the joys of Berlin we want to experience this summer. What are yours? Let us know and leave us a comment!


We’ll be back soon with a longer post, we promise!



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