Dublin and Northern Ireland, in photos

Dublin and Northern Ireland, in photos

Our Ireland trip continued from Shannon and Doolin across the country to Dublin, and up into Northern Ireland on a Game of Thrones tour. Here are a few of the highlights:

The Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin resembles a harp.
Nice weather meant that people were out in the park next to Saint Patrick’s cathedral.
Saint Patrick’s from the front. Nice towers, but alas no turrets.
We took a tour of Trinity College, home of the legendary Book of Kells.
The library at Trinity College was awe inspiring. So many books! And they are arranged by size, strangely enough.
Of course we had to go to the Guinness brewery for a tour and some sampling. We were struck by this gigantic wood carving of a pint, complete with charging horses!
We also visited Teeling Whiskey, the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years. This copper still, Natalie, is one of three they use to make uisce beatha (water of life, aka whiskey).
The first stop on our Game of Thrones tour was Tollymore forest, a gorgeous park where they shot a few scenes from season one.
Lots of natural beauty, you can see why they chose Northern Ireland, and Tollymore in particular, for the show.
This is the bridge where the Starks find the dead stag, killed by a dire wolf. And just to the right…
Here is where the Starks discover the dire wolf pups.
The hanging tree, where Lady Brienne comes across tavern girls hung by Stark soldiers.
We finished the tour at Inch Abbey, where Rob is named King in the North. We got to wear robes and play with real swords!

It was a great adventure roaming all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. We hope you enjoyed the pictures!



BONUS: We spotted this fox at the Guinness factory.

Cheeky fox sneaks in to try the latest batch of Guinness.

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