Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Now that this blog is off and running, we want to give you an idea of what you can expect from future posts. Just to whet your appetite, here are some categories you might be seeing on the blog soon:

Berlin Life

Berlin is full of history (and memorials)
Berlin is full of history (and memorials)

We made the big move from California to Berlin in August of 2015. In the last ten months, we’ve learned a lot, laughed a lot, and generally had “all the feels”. So we’re going to fill you in about what the move was like, how we adjusted to Berlin, what we love about living here, and what we would change. You can expect us to highlight some of our favorite restaurants, get real about the complicated emotions of moving abroad, and celebrate our little victories since we moved here. We’ll throw in general life updates every now and then, to keep our moms in the loop. (Hi, moms! We promise we’ll call home soon!)

How To

There’s a lot we wish we knew before we made the move and a lot we’ve learned since then. Being the generous souls we are, we’re going to share that knowledge with you instead of hoarding it like Gollum. Plus, I’m a technical writer. If I’m not writing tips and tricks or how-tos, what am I doing? Look forward to diverse topics such as moving abroad with cats, building an IKEA kitchen from scratch, and picking a language school. (Spoiler alert: the German language isn’t so much awful as it confusing. “See” means “lake”. It’s a process.)

Adventures Abroad

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You 1
I will definitely wax poetic about Prague

Part of the reason behind our move to Germany was Europe itself! We’ve already been busy crossing countries off our list. In this first year, our “year of adventure”, we’re going to be Euro-hoppers, and we want to tell you all about our experiences. We’ll feature little snippets of our favorite parts of trips (sunrise at the Charles Bridge, hiking in the Isle of Skye, wine tasting in Santorini) as well as our overall thoughts and recommendations about the places we’re seeing. So far, 2016 is pretty packed, just take a look:

  • March – Prague
  • April – Scotland
  • May – Greece
  • June – Rome
  • July – Brussels
  • September – Paris
  • October – Amsterdam
  • December – London

You bet your bottom panda that we’ll have lots to talk about on this front, plus a few trips state-side to keep us on the move!

Tasty Tidbits

We love cooking and baking together. Learning to grocery shop, using the metric system, and searching for brown sugar have all been challenges since we moved. Enjoy some of our favorite recipes and stories from the kitchen. Sometimes they’ll be healthy, sometimes they’ll be a taste from home. But we hope they’re always tasty!

Marriage Musings

Moving abroad to a country where only one of you speaks the language is a heck of a way to start a marriage. We’ve learned a lot, but we have a lot of growing to do, too. Occasionally, we’ll ruminate on aspects of marriage. We’ll try to keep it from getting too sappy, but bear in mind that one of our couple goals is to make someone vomit a little from how cute we are. You’ve been warned.

Just for Funsies

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You 2
Always cuddle unknown bears, it’s safe

We’re pretty silly people, so who knows what you can expect from us? Even we don’t know!


Every once in a while, something just doesn’t fit. And I’ve been known to ramble. But only very occasionally. Did I ever tell you about that time…?


That’s all for now, folks! We’re trying to update twice a week, as our sanity allows.


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