Best of 2017

Best of 2017

2017 has been quite a year, sometimes difficult, and often rewarding. Highlights included seeing a lot of new places and moving to a new country! So what better way to cap off the year than sharing some of our amazing experiences? Without further ado, here are some of our favorite moments from the last year, of course with pictures. We hope you enjoy our travel recap!

Best New Food – Sweet

Churros were the very first thing we ate in Barcelona, and they did not disappoint! Katarina used to eat these with her Abuelo when she visited him Spain, and she was thrilled to get to introduce Colin and his family to them! With some decadent dipping chocolate, it was quite the way to start the day before heading into La Sagrada Familia.

Breakfast of champions.

Best New Food – Savory

We first discovered langos at the Christmas markets in Berlin. With deep fried dough, typically covered in sour cream, cheese, and various other toppings, it’s a bit like a doughnut meets a pizza. So amazing. We were so happy to try the original in Budapest, which topped anything we’d had before (and could be topped with just about anything)!

Sink your teeth into this!

Honorable mention: the seafood paella in Barcelona was out of this world, and Colin’s parents enjoyed having it for the first time!

The saffron gives it an extra kick of flavor.

Best Drink – Warm

When we were trekking across Ireland through the wind and rain, we would pop into a pub and warm up with a hot whiskey. Unfortunately, we were too busy enjoying and getting warm to take a picture. Just imagine a short glass mug with a handle, filled with hot water and Irish whiskey, a little bit of sugar, and a clove-studded lemon wedge. So soothing and perfect after a long windy and rainy horseback ride through the Irish countryside.

Best Drink – Cold or Room Temp

We loved the refreshing sangria in Barcelona to cool off after the hot and sunny weather. It went particularly well with our tapas.

Sangria is best served in a pitcher.

Most Beautiful City

We visited so many beautiful cities this year, but Salzburg stood out. Flanked by the Alps, the lush green spaces and intricate architecture make for a stunning view. We loved reenacting the Sound of Music too, of course! More on that later…

The hills are alive…

Honorable mention: Budapest. This city really surprised us. Reminiscent of Prague from last year, it’s split by a river with a castle on a hill. It has it’s own vibrant personality, and is such a fun city to visit. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it ended up being a cheap and amazing trip.

The sunset boat tour was awesome!

Best Hike

During out Game of Thrones tour through Northern Ireland, we took a great hike through Tollymore forest. The foliage was wonderfully green, and a bit eerie with the mist. It was very cool to see where some of the scenes were filmed while enjoying the Irish countryside. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any direwolf pups. Maybe next time.

We managed to avoid falling in the river, and whitewalkers.

Best tour

One of the highlights of our trip to Salzburg was a sing-along Sound of Music bike tour. Since Katarina is a huge fan of the movie, this was at the top of her list. Although the other folks on the tour might not have been as eager to sing, the two of us made up for that with extra volume and enthusiasm. Even the animals joined in. At one point we had a cow running alongside us!

Flying down the lane, singing our hearts out, just like the Von Trapp children.

Most Anticipated Trip

This is an easy one. We planned our half marathon in Disneyland Paris a whole year in advance. Throughout our training, Ireland gave us something extra to look forward to.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Most Amazing Sight

There are a lot of sights to choose from again this year, but nothing can truly compare to a city lost for 1500 years, preserved under a thick layer of volcanic ash. Pompeii is surreal, because you get such a strong sense of what it used to be walking through ruins. We could spend hours exploring the vast city!

The temple of Isis.

Best Museum

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence takes the cake this year. This museum is just packed with masterpieces.

So many renaissance works of art.

Most Relaxing

This is a new category this year. Sometimes you just need to get away and relax. Our most relaxing activity on a trip was the baths in Budapest. These famous outdoor heated baths are wonderful, even in the middle of the winter! There is also a series of indoor baths you can follow with a variety of temperatures, aromatherapy, and more. It is a great way to unwind.

So cold outside, so nice and warm in the baths.

Thanks for following along with us on another year of adventures. Excitingly, we really have no clue what 2018 has in store for us for travel, but we’re thrilled by the possibilities! We’re hoping to explore more of Eastern Europe and of England and Wales. As ever, we love hearing from you, and we would adore any travel suggestions for the new year!

Stay tuned for a post in January about how we did on our 2017 resolutions and what we’re trying to accomplish in 2018!


Katarina and Colin

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