Amsterdam, in Photos

Amsterdam, in Photos

Lately, we’ve really ramped up our training for the 2017 Paris Disney 1/2 Marathon. This year, my little brother is joining us and we’re all going to Ireland together! However, as I thought back, I couldn’t help but miss the four days we spent last fall in Amsterdam with my older sister. It’s a beautiful time of year and a really unique and lovely city. We stayed in a houseboat, visited Anne Frank’s house, and saw some incredible museums.

So, here are some photos from our trip last year. Enjoy!

Wooden tulips in the flower market. More than a few of these came home with us.


Notice how the buildings are slanting? A few dangers of building on water.


Art in trees, as viewed through a gate.


Inside the flower market.


The Anne Frank house. Amazing, and a very powerful reminder that we can’t just stand by while injustices are happening around us. Today or any day.


The main train station, where we arrived.


A serene courtyard in the middle of all the bustle of Amsterdam.


The bench made famous by The Fault in Our Stars.


The view from our little houseboat.


That classic view.


That’s all for today! We’re off on a mad dash to Dusseldorf to secure our visas!



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