About Us

About Us


Who are you?

We’re Colin and Katarina, ex-pats who met in college, moved to Madison, Wisconsin, then picked up their whole lives two months after getting married to move to Berlin, Germany in August of 2015. We’re nerdy twenty-somethings who love to travel, cook, read, write, and sleep. You could often catch us making the most of our time there by grilling in the parks, eating delicious currywurst, checking out museums, or petting our two cats who made the trip with us.

In July of 2017, we made the jump over to London! We love living in Jolly Old England, and we enjoy spending time with Katarina’s cousins, exploring museums, and seeing as much theater as our budget will allow. As ever, the cats are still with us.

This is our signature selfie face
This is our signature selfie face


About Colin

About us- Colin

Colin is:

  • Wisconsin born and bred. Bring on the cheese curds and craft beers!
  • A gamer at heart and a software developer by day.
  • A rock climber. You can often catch him climbing just about any type of rock. Chances are, if you’re near a rock, he’s already figured out the best route up it.
  • A Green Bay Packers fan. Go Cobb!

About Katarina

About Us - Katarina

Katarina is:

  • A California girl. You’ll often catch her wondering whether their current setup is earthquake-proof and moaning about the lack of In-N-Out
  • A technical writer by day and a would be YA author by night. Just don’t ask how that manuscript is going.
  • A knitter, who always seems to start new projects at the hottest time of year.
  • Best friends with lists. You best believe she has everything planned – being spontaneous is an ongoing project!

About the Cats

(yes, they need their own section)

Kaylee would prefer to be known as the Evil Empress of Everything. She rules the world with an iron paw. Some day, you too will bow to her. For now, she is working on amassing an army of cats to take over the world. It’s an ongoing recruitment process – at any point in time, 80% of them are asleep in the sun.

about us - Kaylee

Merlin is scared of everything and not very smart, but he makes up for that by being a huge cuddler with a purr motor that doesn’t quit. He is Kaylee’s little brother and right-paw cat.



Contact Us

You can reach us at adventuringpandas@gmail.com